800 CEO Read’s Dylan Schleicher has given Blockchain Revolution a coveted Editor’s Choice designation, calling it a “must-read book on a new revolution”.

The Tapscotts offer a clear-eyed critique of the Internet’s effect on society and business. Although some of the promises of wikinomics have come to pass, they clearly believe the great promise of the Internet is still largely unmet, or has in fact been squandered. Rather than lead to a more level playing field, more transparent businesses, and more robust democracy, it has led to increased income inequality, more entrenched institutions, and increased corporate hegemony.

The review discusses how the technology really enables trust, in spite of its notoriety for being the underpinning of bitcoin, a cryptocurrency shrouded in distrust because of its infamous grey market uses.

Schleicher also covers the impact of this technology on the sharing economy, and on foreign aid.

Read the full review here: http://inthebooks.800ceoread.com/editors-choice/articles/blockchain-revolution-how-the-technology-behind-bitcoin-is-changing-money-business-and-the-world