EchoJunction, a leading podcast that focuses on the intersection of social media and enterprise IT, interviewed Alex Tapscott on Blockchain Revolution.

Listen to the podcast here:

In the interview, Tapscott covers what blockchain is from a technology standpoint, and then discusses why it is so key that listeners take an interest in this new technology, explaining that it will affect everyone.

He covers off the security side of blockchain technology, and why this ledger is more secure than what we currently have in place.

Continuing on with themes established by Don Tapscott in earlier works, Tapscott takes a deep look at trust protocols and the sharing economy, and sheds light on how the blockchain can work to increase citizen engagement and participation in civic processes such as voting, as well as taking part in the economy.

The Echojunction interview looks at the sharing economy as it is today an ddiscusses why Uber and AirBNB aren’t the best iteration of it. He offers some possible visions of a future that truly reflects sharing.

No blockchain discussion would be complete without a look at banks and financial technology, and this interview discusses cryptocurrency and what could lie in store for financial intermediaries.

Alex Tapscott also discusses what it was like writing a book with his father.

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