When Don Tapscott speaks, leaders listen. And this author, analyst, academic and consultant is in no doubt that blockchain technology will change the world – he tells us why

“There has probably never been a more interesting or more important time to be in government or to be working with governments – at least not in modern history,” says Don Tapscott. It’s quite a statement. But one that Tapscott quickly seeks to justify.

“On the one hand, you have the irresistible pressure to reduce the cost of government, which is about meeting public expectations that governments should be better, not worse. There is then the challenging broader context – a creation of wealth but not of prosperity, a world that is too unstable and too unjust, a new generation of young people coming into the workplace that have grown up digital, who have different expectations regarding government, the world and what should occur. This all means that it is not a time for tinkering but instead for fundamental change.”

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